The dialogue forum

The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link dialogue forum (available in German only) is a national participatory forum unique in Germany, established by the Schleswig-Holstein state government.

The dialogue forum received the go-ahead at the first working meeting in Eutin, on 5 September 2011. The dialogue forum, which is independent of government, is intended to facilitate a transparent exchange of information and opinions and serve as a central communication platform for all the stakeholders involved. The 32 participants in the dialogue forum represent both supporters and opponents of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. They include representatives of residents, local authorities, trade unions, conservationists, farmers, business organisations, planners and organisers. The forum meets at the Oldenburg Trade Centre every two to three months. On average, 70 guests attend, with over 350 following the live internet stream.

After three years, the forum has drawn up a positive interim balance sheet of its work. At the 15 meetings held so far, all the aspects of the tunnel planned by Denmark and the as yet undecided form of the rail connection in Germany have been discussed, at a very early stage in the project.

The forum makes a crucial contribution by putting facts on the table. It provides facts and can therefore correct false impressions. Above all, a culture of dialogue is maintained in the forum. A consultation period is available before each forum meeting, with a question-and-answer session for the audience afterwards.

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