Economy and trade

There is already extensive movement of goods between the three states in the Fehmarn Belt region. Germany is the largest trading partner of Sweden and Denmark - in terms of both imports and exports.

Imports and exports into and from northern federal states and the Baltic area; click to enlarge

The state of Schleswig-Holstein has the largest regional share of trade with Denmark. In 2012 its total imports and exports were 4.4 billion euros. The state is also the regional leader in trade with Sweden.

The Fehmarn Belt economic barometer - cross-border cooperation
Fehmarn Belt economic barometer - cross-border cooperation; click to enlarge

A report by the University of Roskilde shows that firms in this region also anticipate increased cooperation between Germany, Denmark and Sweden in the future. Particularly businesses in Hamburg deem cross-border cooperation very important. New economic impetus could also emerge for the Hamburg conurbation and for the entirety of Schleswig-Holstein. For example, the Lübeck airport catchment area will increase abruptly in the course of the trans-European transport project. Better accessibility and modern infrastructure will also make the region an attractive location for incoming investment.

Experience has shown that the construction of new or improved transport corridors enlivens trade and creates markets and thus jobs. The Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Commerce is already campaigning locally and nationally for businesses in the region to have opportunities to make the best use of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link in future. It has committed itself to the Fehmarn Belt Business Council, in common with business organisations in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark and Sweden.

Eastern Holstein can develop into a hub for trade with Scandinavia by being linked to a new European transport corridor. SMEs will have their paths to existing and new markets shortened. Global businesses already present can improve their market opportunities and new businesses will find the region an even more attractive location for incoming investment. At the same time, this positive economic development will enhance the attractiveness of Eastern Holstein for highly-qualified and skilled employees. Incoming high-income families will also have a positive effect on retailing in the region.

The new infrastructure will open up new horizons for regional businesses - and reliable professional horizons for the people.

The construction project itself will also create jobs. The Danish sponsor calculates that a total of 55,000 man-years will be needed just to build the immersion tunnel - of which 7,000 will be at the German end.

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