Stakeholders on the German side

Many German stakeholders playing different roles and partners on the Danish side are contributing to the success of this major project, whether on a political or corporate level or as authorities or associations. Who does what?

DB Netz AG is playing an important part as the project developer and operator of the rail infrastructure. Other players on the Deutsche Bahn side are DB Station&Service AG as the station operators and developer and DB Energie GmbH, responsible for supplying power to all installations.

The German government is involved in two ways. Firstly, the Federal Republic of Germany has concluded a state treaty, signed on 3 September 2008, with the Kingdom of Denmark on the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link and the corresponding rail connection. The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is responsible for financing the connection to the hinterland.

At state level, Schleswig-Holstein is playing a major role. Firstly, the state planning authority is responsibility for the project approval procedure. Secondly, the state roadbuilding and transport department acts as the inspectorate in the project approval procedure. The state is also the contracting authority for local rail passenger services (ÖSPNV).

The Federal Railway Authority (FRA) acts as the supervisory and regulatory authority for Germany's state-owned railways in the project approval procedure, alongside the inspectorate. After considering the objections in the enquiry, it decides whether the construction project is admissible and grants project approval.

The District of Eastern Holstein represents the interests of people and communities in the region. They are the public agencies involved in decision and planning processes. Tourism, conservation and agricultural pressure groups and environmental and heritage authorities are also involved in planning.

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