Making a dream come true

A Fehmarn Belt crossing is an idea that has fired people’s imaginations since the middle of the 19th century. With only 19 kilometres separating Scandinavia and Germany, it is the shortest Baltic Sea crossing. This traditional maritime trade route, known in German as the “Birds’ Flight Line”, will now be transformed into a fixed link in the form of a tunnel connecting Germany and Denmark, but the impact of this gigantic project will be felt far beyond their borders. To the EU, the link is an essential part of plans for creating the north-south corridor of the Trans-European Transport Networks stretching from Finland to Sicily.

In September 2008, the Kingdom of Denmark and the Federal Republic of Germany agreed the joint construction of a fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt. Denmark will build an immersed tunnel under the Baltic and the link on the Danish side. Germany has undertaken to provide an efficient road and rail link on its side.

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