Regional and long-distance transport

The doubling and electrification of the Lübeck-Puttgarden railway line agreed in the Danish-German state treaty will have very beneficial effects on local and mainline passenger traffic, as part of a major European north-south corridor.

About 1,000 passengers currently cross the Fehmarn Belt every day. The number of travellers is expected to rise to 3,800 per day by the time the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel opens, probably in 2024, entailing an increase in the number of trains.

The line will also be reopened to freight trains, as was the case until 1997. This will make the efficient, green transport of goods to and from Scandinavia possible. The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure forecasts 78 freight and 40 passenger trains daily over the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link in 2025.

A faster, shorter link

  • Fehmarn and Lolland will be connected 24/7 by the Fehmarn Tunnel and its efficient links, whatever the weather and without waiting times or reservations.
  • The time needed to cross the Belt will be cut from 45 to ten minutes for car drivers and to seven minutes for train passengers. The train journey between Hamburg and Copenhagen will take less than three hours in future.

New potential for rail freight

  • Freight trains between Hamburg and Scandinavia will save 160 km compared to the current route across the Great Belt.
  • This will encourage the modal shift of freight traffic from road to rail and free up capacity for rail traffic in the Jutland corridor.
  • Focus on the EU's climate targets: increases in the volume of traffic to be expected in future can also be overcome by increasing rail's share of freight and safeguarding efficient corridors.

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