Regional significance

The entire Fehmarn Belt region between Schonen and Hamburg, the adjoining states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and the Seeland and Copenhagen regions have a population of around nine million. They will all benefit from the new possibilities offered by faster, more convenient rail travel.

Two conurbations will grow together across borders.

Many destinations will move closer together for local and long-distance travel due to the doubling and electrification of the Lübeck-Puttgarden line. This will cut travel time from Hamburg to Copenhagen to less than three hours. The number of daily local services between, for example, Bad Schwartau and Neustadt will be increased from 19 to 26.

This will be a great advantage for commuters. Firstly, they will be able to get to work more quickly. Secondly, new perspectives for study and work will open up as regions move closer together, as the Öresund link between Malmö and Copenhagen has shown. About 20,000 people currently commute daily across the sound to work or study. More intensive cultural exchanges between the German, Danish and Swedish inhabitants will also make the Fehmarn Belt region a more attractive place to live.

The cross-border infrastructure projects will also produce a positive impetus for regional economic development and tourism, which will create training opportunities and jobs for future generations, particularly in Eastern Holstein.

The environment will also benefit. Opening the line to freight means that goods can increasingly be moved to Scandinavia by the shortest route and in the most environmentally-friendly way. Road freight and the associated CO2 emissions will be cut considerably.

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